daily morning smoothie

daily morning smoothie

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When it comes to a daily breakfast routine I find that there are egg people and there are smoothie people. I identify with the smoothie tribe myself. Below is a general guideline for my delicious daily concoction with modifications suited to your dietary preferences and palate. 

/// Ingredients ///
1 cup coconut or almond milk
1 banana (always)
1 tsp chia seed (any more than this and it's gummy texture gets out of control)
1 tbsp vanilla protein powder (whey, egg white, soy protein- whatever works!)
1 handful frozen mangos (gives it a nice creamy texture)
1 handful frozen raspberries
Optional: 1 handful spinach or kale

/// Instructions ///
Blend all ingredients until your heart's content!

Notice, I use the term "handful" on the ingredient section- I am Italian, I can't help it! We like to eyeball ingredients! You will find on this blog I'm not about precise measurements EXCEPT when it comes to baking. Also, I generally prefer frozen fruits over fresh for smoothies because they taste better ice cold and I'm not a big fan of throwing in ice cubes. The creamier the better! 



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roasted brussel sprouts, red pepper, with spring onion

roasted brussel sprouts, red pepper, with spring onion

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baked sweet potato fries